Candle Care



Richmond Botanicals Co.                                                        CANDLE CARE AND INFORMATION

OUR CANDLES    We use 100% natural coconut wax and 100% natural soy wax for all our container candles. Our wicks are natural ribbon fibre.

CANDLE SCENT   We use the recommended amount of fragrance and essential oils for our candles. There is a maximum amount of fragrance that can be added to candles if excessive amounts are used this causes candles to burn improperly or unsafely and does not give a clean burn. We only use candle safe fragrances.

WICK CARE     No need to Trim the wick, we use 100% fibre ribbon  wicks in our candles. We use innovative ribbon wicks, this new technology is outstanding, our wicks do not curl or mushroom so no need to trim.

BURN TIME   Candles should only be burned for 1 – 4 hours at a time, allow to cool and relight.  We recommend all container candles be burned long enough at each lighting so entire wax surface has melted, (this time varies according to size of your candle) ensuring an even melt every time you use your candle. This allows all wax to be melted in the container otherwise a tunnel effect can occur creating wasted wax that cant be melted.

SAFETY     Burn candles in a draught free area, away from other heat sources, and away from anything flammable.   NEVER leave a candle burning unattended.  Always blow out a candle gently, do not use cold water to extinguish as this can cause glass to crack

CANDLE STORAGE   Candles should be stored out of direct light and in a cool dry place, thus preventing fading, cracking or melting.

WAX POOL FIRE   In the very rare event of a wax pool fire do not use water to extinguish fire, water will cause candle to explode (glass will crack due to sudden change as water turns to steam with contact with hot wax)